2013 Topps Chipz MLB Individual Pack

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MLB Chipz Is A New Product Coming Out During The 2013 MLB Season. The Top 100 MLB Veterans And Rookie Players Will Be Featured On A Variety of Unique Chipz Designs. There Will Be Glow-In-The-Dark (1:2Packs) Magnetic (1:4 Packs) Gold Parallel (1:3 Packs) Silver Parallel (1:4Packs) As Random Chase Inserts. The Magnetic Chipz Can Be Used For Lockers Or Fridges As They Are Magnetized For Added Value And Fun. The Gold And Silver Parallel Will Have Foil Printing For A Rich Look. Look For Random Instant Winner Autographed And Relic Chipz As High End Inserts. The Relic Chipz Will Have Actual MLB Authenticated Dirt And Other MLB Ballpark Finds As Part of The Chipz. You Will Also Be Able To Find One Team Sticker And One Game Board In Each Pack In Addition To The 4 Chipz Inserted At Random. The Game Board Is A Cardboard Printed Baseball Field That Comes In Each Foil Pack To Play A Game
2013 Topps Chipz MLB Individual Pack
Sport Theme: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Chicago White Sox

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